Is There a Laser Eye Surgery Age Limit in Cape Coral?

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Are you becoming more uncomfortable wearing glasses and switching from one frame or lenses to another? You might have also opted to contact lenses but quiver every time you are about to have it on.

If you have grown impatient or restless about this uneasy situation while always taking time to visit and pay for your optician’s fees, the good news is that it has an alternative solution. Try an excellent laser eye surgery cape coral.

Cataract and Refractive Institute of Florida is a leader in the field of Ophthalmology. We are steadfast to providing the highest level of diagnostic and treatment services in the United States in a comfortable setting close to you. The result is sustainable excellence in eye care and treatment. We use a more advanced laser eye surgery techniques to correct numerous eye problems. With this, you will be freed from the constant wearing of glasses or lenses.

But, before having to start with the laser eye surgery there is a factor that we must first consider. Most patients who feel like needing this surgery get curious whether there is an age limit before undertaking the said procedure.

At Cataract and Refractive Institute of Florida, patients with the age below 21 are not offered laser eye surgery due to some risks. There is still a transition or adjustments that happen in the eyes until teenage years and the stabilization occurs at the age of 21. So going on with the laser eye surgery may be detrimental to one’s eye health. Getting the surgery done when you’re too young could be a lot damaging to the eyes and may cause other complications to deal with as you grow old.

Consult with Ophthalmologist Cape Coral

Wondering if you might be suitable for the laser eye surgery, dry eye treatment cape coral or you feel like you got an underlying medical condition; don’t hesitate to book a consultation with Cataract and Refractive Institute of Florida. Since there are different issues and factor to consider aside from the patient’s age, the ophthalmologist should still conduct a checkup. Although the laser eye treatment is not recommended at the moment, you can always have follow-up sessions to see if there any changes with the circumstances.

It is an advantageous step to talk to Cataract and Refractive Institute of Florida’s respected and expert eye care providers for inquiries or choices of treatments that suit your needs and comfort.

For more information or schedule list of Cataract and Refractive Institute of Florida, you may call Cape Coral: 239-217-1945, Lehigh Acres: 239-309-7523, and Bonita Springs: 239-368-1020. We are servicing the areas: Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres & Bonita Springs, Florida.

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